I couldn’t be more happy with Lianne as my VA. Her work is excellent and done in a timely manner. She is knowledgeable, cheerful and helpful, even pointing out things I may have missed while updating all on my website. If I ask her about something she is unsure about, she will research it and get back to me with all the pertinent information. I’m so grateful, to have found Lianne and I highly recommend her work.



Gail Mae Ferguson
CEO, Reach Your Full Potential NYC

New York, NY



Lianne is an absolutely fantastic virtual assistant. I have worked with her for years. She is very conscientious and detail-oriented. She is also a quick learner and has picked up many new skills when I’ve asked her to try something new. I recommend Lianne HIGHLY!



Ann Miller

Online Business Manager, Certified Infulsionsoft Technician

Hickory, NC



Lianne makes my life as a solopreneur so much easier. I’m a coach, and my tendency is to spend all of my time on the phone with clients, or potential clients (because 1. that’s where the money is made, and 2. that’s where i’m most effective). Prior to working with Lianne, a lot of the detailed work in my business (calendar management, client path tracking, etc) either never got done, or got done very reluctantly. Lianne is friendly, upbeat and professional, in addition to being very detail oriented. She is very diligent about her work, and helps me as a business owner to stay on track with things that are most important to me!



Calvin V. Chen

President at Calvin Chen Coaching International

Alhambra, CA



I highly recommend Lianne Sánchez for any virtual assistant work. She does excellent work, is reliable, honest, and can be counted on!! Lianne and I have been working together since 2009, and I continue to work with her on various projects. 


Lianne currently manages my website, my blog, and she designs and distributes all of my newsletters. In the past, she helped me with several major projects — editing and publishing 2 ebooks, and designing and marketing a workshop DVD course. She has also helped me with dozens of smaller tasks, such as travel arrangements and technical issues. 


Lianne and I have a wonderful working relationship, and I trust her completely with my confidential information. She has been of invaluable service to me, and I’m certain she would be an excellent member of your team as well!!



Dr. Michael Roth

Roth Wellness Center

Ventura, CA



It has been a joy working with Lianne as one of my Virtual Assistants. She is reliable, very professional when communicating with clients, and conscientious about making sure tasks and projects are completed and closed. (Thank you, Lianne!)



Stephen P. Brown


Palm Harbor, FL




Lianne is a delight to work with. She is highly dependable and accurate. She shows initiative and makes helpful suggestions. She knows what she is doing and gets tasks done in a quick efficient manner. I highly recommend her.



Michelle Bridger

Facebook Marketing Strategist

Aubrey, TX



Lianne has been working as my virtual assistant for nearly 2 years. She is very dependable and always produces high quality work. The fact that she has been helping me for nearly 2 years, on an ongoing basis, says it all!


Jim Kirwan

Host of FIT-CEO Optimum Performance – Well Being & Lifestyle Conference